7 Days To Reclaim Your Vogue:

  • Day One: Reset, Reconnect, Realign - Taking Your Power Back
  • Day Two: Relationship with Self- Mirror Mirror On The Wall
  • Day Three: Emotional/Mental: Purchasing Habits
  • Day Four: Inner Style: Intentional Wardrobe
  • Day Five: Outer Style: Repurpose with Intention
  • Day Six: Physical Appearance: Make-up that lifts the spirit
  • Day Seven: Power Posing That Brings It All Into Harmony

In this course you will learn how to give yourself permission to be authentic and show up as the woman you have always wanted to be. You will learn how to play whatever version you want. You will throw out the labels (literally) that are holding you back.

Why do you have to play big or small? Why can’t you just play and have fun with who you are? Every day you will learn tools that will help you explore this journey and how you will shine from the inside out. This journey is about cleaning the closet of your mind and your wardrobe!

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7 Days To Reclaim Your Vogue Online Course:

Nancy Haines

Confidence Coach

As a small-town girl with nothing more than the passion for people and a deep-rooted belief that I was made for something special, I’ve had the pleasure of working in many different industries (including fashion and travel!), and running my own Human Resource Consulting business for 7 years in LA and now running The Center of Confidence in Dubai.

Today, I empower professionals to step up and stop being afraid so they can become the person they so badly desire to be and show up in their daily lives as THAT version. My exclusive private coaching, high-support group coaching programs, and corporate workshops are for the ones who truly value confidence and understand that it’s a game-changer.

Because not communicating your ideas, second-guessing your every move, and feeling like you're not good enough won’t do any good for your life, neither will this mindset do much for your professional growth.

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