Evolving with a Shift is a 7-day online course filled with simple tips to help create a shift in your life!

Evolving with a Shift incorporates simple joyful practices that you can include in your daily life.

Are you ready to have fun while taking a shift?

Are you ready to reclaim YOUR JOY by creating joyful practices that will leave you feeling liberated and empowered?

Are you ready to have fun in your life?

If you are reading this and responded, "OH YES! I AM READY!", then get ready to Evolve with a Shift!


These simple 7 practices give you the opportunity to add more joy in your life while removing the feelings of overwhelm and stress.

Give yourself PERMISSION to dance, laugh and connect to the things that make you smile!

Evolving with a shift can be completed with just a few minutes a day over 7 days!

Lifetime Access to this online course.

Join Maricela Ríos, a Joyful Coach, as she shares her fun practices to create more joy while melting away the stress.

Evolving With A Shift Online Course:

  • Day One: The Press Pause Shift: Embrace Your Breath
  • Day Two: The Detox Shift: Detox the Body
  • Day Three: The Relationship Shift: Relationship with Self
  • Day Four: The Laughter Shift: Release the Overwhelm
  • Day Five: The Salsa Shift: Embrace Your Dance Style
  • Day Six: The Movement Shift: Having Fun Outdoors
  • Day Seven: The Mending Movement Shift: Embrace Your Heart

Get Started TODAY!

Evolving With A Shift: 7 Minutes For 7 Days

Maricela Rios

Happiness Facilitator

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Maricela is a Solopreneur focusing on Igniting People's Joy through Purpose, Passion, and Joy! 

​Also know as the Joy Ignitor, helps others live an intentional life with purpose, passion and joy using a variety of natural healing techniques. She is a Reiki Practitioner, Coach, E-book Author, and Workshop Speaker. Maricela specializes in combining her previous diverse career paths, bilingual skills, education, and on-going personal development to help others heal, while claiming their self and igniting their joy! . 

She holds a Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, concentration in Hispanic Ministry from Boston College and Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration DeVry University. 



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