The Joyful Evolution Program

The Joyful Evolution Program

Evolving w/a Shift 7 Day E-Course

Private 1:1 Coaching

The Joyful Evolution is a e-program that is like nothing you have experienced before. Are you ready to reclaim YOUR LIGHT by creating joyful practices that will leave you feeling healed, liberated, and empowered?

"An experience can transform or define you. If you feel defined, you can choose to change your life. Take that experience and let it build you up! It is your time to re-claim yourself and radiate your joy."

-Maricela Rios

DO YOU FEEL overwhelmed, stressed, and/or burned out? Do you find yourself in isolation, frustration and feeling that you don't have a purpose? If you feel any of this, you are NOT ALONE.

My beautiful soul, you are on this page for a purpose and you are being invited to STOP, BREATHE, CONNECT, ALIGN, & CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU DESIRE & DESERVE!

ARE YOU READY TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF so you experience joy in all areas of your life?

Living the life you desire is possible to all, no matter your circumstance or experience. Turn your "I can'ts" to "I CAN" and take your life from a dream to a reality. I believe in you and that is why I am here.

Join Maricela Ríos, a joyful coach, and motivational speaker, as she shares her life experience filled with warmth, hope and joy to those who feel they have lost a sense of purpose, identity, and joy. It is never too late to look within and evolve with grace, forgiveness, and hope because everyone deserves the right to live a genuinely joyful life. Learn to live the life that you desire while navigating through the “limitations” and experiencing new opportunities. 

Full Access to the Online Program:

  • Full Access To The Online Program: New Content, Masterclasses, Meditations, Tools & Tips Being Added Each Month for a Total of 12 Modules. Each month you will learn new ways of adding joy to your life, and things that you can do to eliminate overwhelm and stress
  • LIVE Zoom Coaching Sessions + Replays: Monthly Live Group Coaching and Mentoring Sessions with Maricela to get all of your questions answered while receiving guidance to help you on your journey
  • Bonus Tips, Tools, and Resources: Joyful and purpose driven resources to help keep you aligned with your passion and self-empowerment for more happiness and joy
  • A ComYOUnity who supports you right where you are at and throughout your journey!


  • Full Access To The Soul Sessions Mentorship: New Content, Heart-Work Sheets, Masterclasses, Meditations, Tools & Tips Being Added Each Month (Click Here To Check It Out)
  • LIVE Zoom Soul Sessions with Happiness Facilitators Jena Harris & Michael Dake: These monthly group mentoring sessions are about clearing and releasing old energies and Expanding Your Awareness & Happiness
  • Sessions for Your Soul – Reclaim Your Smile, Freedom and Light! Finally Feel Free From The Stress & Chaos so you can smile again!

Payment Options

One Payment $1,111

Three Payments of $388

  • Understand how to truly LOVE YOURSELF and live with LIBERATING JOY
  • Wake up every day with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to pursue your goals
  • Know that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH as you are right now

The LIVE Coaching Sessions with Maricela that are included with this program are held on the Fourth Thursday of The Month at 7:00 PM MT/8:00 PM CT

The line-up of LIVE Coaching Sessions are....

Maricela Rios

Happiness Facilitator

Maricela is a Solopreneur focusing on Igniting People's Joy through Purpose, Passion, and Joy! 

​Also know as the Joy Ignitor, helps others live an intentional life with purpose, passion and joy using a variety of natural healing techniques. She is a Reiki Practitioner, Coach, E-book Author, and Workshop Speaker. Maricela specializes in combining her previous diverse career paths, bilingual skills, education, and on-going personal development to help others heal, while claiming their self and igniting their joy! . 

She holds a Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, concentration in Hispanic Ministry from Boston College and Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration DeVry University. 

And maybe you are looking for a bite-size version of this powerful program? Take a look at this 7 day course ...

'Evolving With a Shift' 7 Day Online Course

Shift to leave the overwhelm behind: PERMISSION to pause + play, how adding simple techniques can open the door to adding more joy in your life and removing the feelings of overwhelm. Give yourself PERMISSION to dance, laugh and connect to the things that make you smile.



Book: You are not alone

Soul Stories


1:1 Coaching

Evolving With a Shift 7 Day Online Course

Joyful Evolution Program-12 modules

Spa For The Soul Weekend Retreat

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